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Fire Damage Restoration

  One of the main problems property owners must face following a fire is the damage caused by smoke and the water used to put the fire out.  Though the water is invaluable to the process of containing and extinguishing a blaze, it can be extremely harmful to the environment it is trying to save. Water seeps into porous surfaces like wood, laminates, fabrics, carpeting and insulation, and moisture can linger below the surface for a long time.  It can be difficult to properly dry out your property after a fire, because not only are you dealing with water, but that water mingles with the smoke, ash, and soot to create a sticky, acidic residue that gets into everything. The acidity of this residue causes it to etch and stain everything from fabric to metal fixtures to the plastic of your appliances—discoloring everything it touches. If this residue is not quickly and completely removed, it can ruin your valuable possessions, clothing, and technology beyond repair. Call the fire department first, but your next call should be to Interior Cleaning Specialists. The sooner we can get onto a scene, the higher the chances are that we’ll be able to save affected items.

Fire Damage Abbotsford Wisconsin

Benefits of hiring restoration contractor for your home fire:

Experience working alongside insurance

Ability to start a restoration project fast and immediately

Work with insurance on pre-approved pricing

Warranty already guaranteed with insurance

Experience removing smoke damage and smoke odor deodorization

Experience moving and cleaning personal belongings and contents

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